Breezy Point Airport, Inc. serves the Lakes area of Central Minnesota and many cabin owners from Cross Lake, the Whitefish Chain, Pelican Lake, Gull Lake and others utilize the airport for weekend flights to their second homes.

Breezy Point Airport could be improved for the safety of its members, better serve the needs of the community, and attract more pilot members by performing the following improvements:

In Order of Suggested Implementation and Likely Cost:

1. Find Additional Pilots to Increase Number of Shareholders from 28 to 50

To maintain a vibrant airport used by pilots year around the shareholder number should be increased to 50 and pilots that frequent the area should be invited to become shareholders. Income to BPA $100,000

2. Develop 9 hangar pads along the east side

Find a developer to split up the excess land along the East side into up to 8-10 new hangar pads ready for new pilot shareholders.  Bring in electricity and sewer from across Hwy 81 and fill and compact the soil so the hangar pads are ready for construction $ 200,000

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3. New Visual Approach Slope Indicator Lights

Two Bar style VASI lights near the end of Runway 17 & 35 $40,000

4. Seed the grounds and Apply Pulverized Dirt

Seed the grounds and apply pulverized dirt to help develop better grass root structure into the sugar sand soil. This is needed as aircraft can sink in the soft soil when parking or turning. $10,000

5. LED Pavement Edge Lights

Install individual solar powered Blue LED taxiway lights. $2,000

Install individual solar powered White LED runway edge lights. $3,000

6. New Antenna

Install a tall antenna for Aviation Days traffic advisories so incoming and departing aircraft have clear communication. $1,500

7. Install Live Runway End Cameras

Install live broadcast runway end web cameras at each end of the runways and post links to the webcams on the BPA website. $3,000

8. Locate Perimeter Property Corner Markers

Hire a surveyor to locate the perimeter property corner markers and to mark the 100’ clear space setback where close to infringing trees or structures. Set large orange PVC markers next to the iron monuments so that they are easily visible. $3,000

9. Install AWOS Radio Frequency Weather Reporting

Install an AWOS (Automated Weather Observation System) on a dedicated radio frequency. $15,000

10. Widen Runways and Taxiways to 60′

Widen the runways and taxiways from 50’ to 60’ wide. $100,000

11. Level the Gully on the North End of the Runway

Remove the hill along Ski Chalet Drive and use the soil on the North end of the runway to fill the gully on the north end of the runway level from the end of the runway to Ski Chalet Drive curb. This is needed for safety in case of landing short on approach before you enter ground effect. Supplement soil shortage by removing the excess soil humps along the West BPA property line .  Install a culvert for drainage from the low elevation to the West of the runway end over to the East swale near the boat storage property. $8,000 to $12,000.

12. Build Storage Garage/Clubhouse

Build a storage garage for BPA lawn and Aviation Days equipment and miscellaneous signage etc. Include meeting space and pilots lounge $75,000

13. Concrete Helicopter Landing Pad for the City of Breezy Point

Construct a concrete helicopter landing pad with lit corner markers located across from City Hall for emergency Medevac usage.  Involves giving the City a small square of land to be used at a “Public Airport”  which will get our CTAF frequency back on the charts. $20,000