Breezy Point Airport

IMGP0135Located in the City of Breezy Point, Breezy Point Airport property includes the runway and adjacent aircraft tie-down areas. The corporation does not own the hangars or storage facilities that are adjacent to the runways.


The Airport is owned by Breezy Point Airport, Inc., a Minnesota Corporation. Shares of common stock for the corporation can be issued by the board of directors upon the approval of an application by the Board President.  An individual or business that holds at least one share of common stock in the corporation is an “Owner”.

Qualified Pilots

Safety is very important to the Owners of the airport and the community.  In order for any pilot to land or take off from Breezy Point Airport, they must meet the qualification requirements as follows:

  1. Be a current pilot in accordance with state and federal regulations.
  2. Must be an Owner or an Invited Guest to the airport.
  3. Have reviewed the Breezy Point Airport Pilot Briefing in its most current form.

Landing Fees

Members: No fees for landing or parking
Invited Guests: No fees for “Aviation Days” Events
Visiting Pilots: We welcome donations!

Aircraft Parking

There is paved asphalt parking area on the East side at mid-field