There have been many improvements made to Breezy Point Airport over the years. The generous work and donation of time of those Shareholders and Pilots who have helped make the airport what it is today is greatly appreciated. Below is a timeline of the many improvements made over the years.

2022 – Fencing Completion

The Cedar Fencing was completed along the east side.
Also a new private hangar is being is being constructed!

2021 – Hay & Seeding Photos

After the regrading new hay and seeding were used to stabilize the soil on the east side.

2021 – East Side Grading and Fill

The East Side of the airport is being graded to level and fill in the deep hole.

2021 – Tree and Stump Removal

Trees and excess stumps were removed on the North end of the runway.

2021 – New Lawnmower

Airport Manager Cliff Mueller sits on a new lawnmower BPA Member Darryl Mork donated for the use of maintaining the grounds at Breezy Point Airport.

2021 – New Deicing Equipment

New deicing equipment was acquired to keep the runways safe and clear during the cold winter months.

2020 – New Muller Field sign on Airport Managers Hangar

In honor of Cliff Muller’s many years of service, the airport was named Muller Field.
This custom handcrafted aluminum sign was installed on Cliff’s hangar.

2019 – Tie Downs Installed

During the fall of 2019 New steel and concrete Tie Downs were installed at the aircraft parking ramp on the East side of the field.

2019 – Tree Removal East Side

To help promote safety and reduce wind vorticies during the summer the large grove of trees along the East side of the runway were removed.  Dingman Brothers Excavating along with their subcontractors removed 1,500 trees and stumps.

2016 – New Aircraft Parking Area

In the fall of 2016 the BPA board hired Anderson Brothers Construction of Brainerd, MN to construct a new hard surface tie down area for six aircraft along the east side of the runway.  New base was brought in, compacted and asphalt paved. It is connected by a short taxiway from the runway. Now heavy aircraft have a solid place to park.

Airplane Tie-down Illustration: View or Download

2016 – Leveling the Airport Grounds

Pelican Square of Breezy Point has graciously donated about 8,000 yards of fill to the Breezy Point Airport. Trees and topsoil to the east of the runway were pushed back and a controlled burn was performed before the fill was pushed into low areas along the runway.


Cliff Muller removed the old taxiway located south of the airport sign. The Breezy Point Conservation Club donated topsoil to cover the area which was seeded with grass to reduce small rocks from the taxiway, making it safer for aircraft.

2013 – Cedar Fence

BPA shareholders Cliff Muller and Denny Gartner bought 2,000 feet of cedar split rail fence from Fleet Farm and had it delivered by semi-trailer in 2011.  Cliff Muller dug the post holes with his bobcat every 10 feet and then Cliff, Denny, and Bill Gillman assembled the fence piece by piece.  This fence is friction fit so that repairs are easily accomplished.  The Breezy Point Airport also donated 500 feet of cedar split rail fencing to the City of Breezy of Breezy Point Cemetery just north of the runway.

2011 – New BPA Signage

BPA shareholder David Spizzo approved the use of the Breezy Point Logo for the Airport and BPA shareholders Dale Zoerb and Building Restoration Corporation designed and welded up a large oval steel identification sign for display along Co Rd 11. BPA shareholder Cliff Muller dug the hole with a large auger on the front of his bobcat.  A sonotube form was installed and fitted with a large re-rod cage welded up by BRC employee Kyle Saari.  The sign foundation was poured in solid concrete and is designed for a much taller sign than the City currently allows.

2011 – Runway Extension

BPA Shareholder Jeff Smith of Ryan Companies spearheaded the 600′ runway extension and taxiway project at the north end of the airport in 2011.  Dingman Brothers brought in 3,000 yards of clean fill and performed rough grading of the runway 35 extension. Tri-City Asphalt trucked in class 5 base, performed compaction and then paved the extension in new asphalt.


Dingman Construction cleared 500 trees and removed stumps located near Airport Boat Storage as well as to the south of the airport. A windsock was purchased to assist with wind problems coming from the north end of the airport. Also, a runway marker sign was purchased from Brainerd Airport for the south end. Since Brainerd Airport closed their Runway 12-18, there is now an official Runway 17–35 marker.

BPA Shareholder Jeff Smith worked with the City of Breezy Point to get an easement to remove trees in the cemetery which were on the north flightpath.


Electric wires on Ski Chalet Road were buried and a new transformer was put in by Crow Wing Power. Dingman Construction removed a 12-foot hill from the east side and used the dirt to build a base for the future extension of Runway 35. There were two ridges, barrels, wire fence, house steps, and more hauled away to make room for clean sill for the runway base. Approximately 1,000 yards of additional fill was needed to build a catchment basin on the west side.

Tri-County Paving was hired to complete the base using five inches of Class 5 and to lay down two layers of asphalt. All engineering of the base and overlay for extension was done by Jeff Smith and Ryan Company. Jeff Smith was president of Breezy Point Airport for one year. A special thank you goes out to Jeff for all his hard work.

Seeding along the runway was completed by Dave Shurbrok. Dave was a new member at the time and had a contract for road work in the area. To complete the north end of the runway extension, BPA Shareholder Cliff Muller donated and installed split rail fence for the new cemetery across from Runway 35 on Ski Chalet Road. He also cleared, seated, and continues to mow and maintain the ditches on both sides of the road.


Dingman Construction hauled 3,000 yards of fill from the west side of the runway and filled in the base at the north end of runway 35.


BPA Shareholder Cliff Muller began clearing trees on north end of runway 35. Over a two-month period, he removed 500 trees with the firewood going to Dingman Construction for their shop. Dingman Construction handled the removal of the stumps. Later that year, Cliff and Boyd B & D Construction used a Bobcat to remove brush on the north end of the airport.

Other Projects

A five-foot high chain-link fence with a walk through gate was installed on the south end to prevent ATVs and snowmobiles from driving on the runway.

Tom Maroney and Cliff Muller arranged for Crow Wing Power to install a transformer under County Road 11. LED lights now illuminate the signs and windsock.